innodial Virtual Number

Get your own international phone numbers and receive calls from friends and family abroad

innodial Virtual Number represents an inbound calling service that lets you establish local presence around the world instantly without being physically present there, and also lets you receive calls on your phone from your friends, family, and partners overseas.

A Virtual number is a phone number that is local to a country other than you are located. Your friends and family who are located in the same area as the Virtual Number can call you by dialing the Virtual Number. Since a Virtual Number is a local number, they only pay local calling rates. Better yet, it could even be free if their landline or mobile plans include unlimited local calls.

Your privacy is also maintained. Other people will only know your Virtual Number, but not know where you really are or what your real phone number is. If you want to hide your identity, Virtual Numbers might be a good solution.

For example, let's assume that you are in San Jose, CA and your best friend is in South Korea. You buy a South Korea Virtual Number and configure all calls coming in through the Virtual Number to be forwarded to your mobile phone. Then, you give the Virtual Number to your friend and ask him to dial the Virtual Number to reach you. Next time your friend dials the Virtual Number, the call will be forwarded and your mobile phone will ring. Your friend only pays local calling charges or nothing to make an international call.

See below how it works

Step 1 - Buy a Virtual Number
Select and buy an innodial Virtual Number from the United States or South Korea.
Step 2 - Configure your Virtual Number call forwarding
Configure your call forwarding so that incoming calls to the Virtual Number get forwarded to any of your phones such as mobile, home, or office.
Step 3 - Give your Virtual Number to friends
Let friends and family know your Virtual Number. Friends and family can call you without burden, because it only costs the same as a local call.
Step 4 - Receive calls from friends and family
Enjoy your savings while you stay in touch with your friends who are abroad.
innodial Virtual Number Cost
A monthly fee of $1.99 will be charged to each Virtual Number.
You will also be charged for the incoming Virtual Number calls forwarded to your phone.
For example, if you configure all Virtual Number calls to be forwarded to your US mobile phone, 2.1 cents per minute, which is the US call rate, will be charged to your account.
Therefore, please be advised of the cost associated with your Virtual Number when you use innodial Virtual Number services.