innodial dialer for iPhone

innodial dialer for iPhone is a free application that enables users of the iconic Apple iPhone to make international or long distance calls by dialing local numbers at incredibly low rates through the iPhone touch interface.

Making full use of the dual-mode power of Wi-Fi/3G devices, innodial dialer for iPhone eliminates the need of signing up to costly international voice plans and ensures the highest quality and lowest cost available.

If you make international calls frequently from home or with your mobile while on-the-go, innodial dialer for iPhone is the application you've been waiting for. Throw away traditional calling cards and start using innodial dialer for iPhone for a new innovative international calling experience - No Access Number, No PIN, No Hidden Fees, No Contracts, Low International Rates, and One-Touch Dialing.


Dial Local and Connect Global

Whenever you dial an international number, a local number is assigned to the dialed international number and the assigned local number is actually dialed out to connect to the international destination. It means that you are placing a local call to make an international call.

You don't have to worry about complicated process at all. Just dial an international number and innodial dialer for iPhone takes care of it.

Low International Call Rates

innodial offers incredibly low call rates worldwide. Call to over 40 destinations for just 1.9¢/min.

Click here to view all international rates.

Call even without Wi-Fi or 3G

You can call contacts in "Favorites" even without Wi-Fi or 3G.

innodial dialer for iPhone stores all contacts with locally assigned numbers in "Favorites" locally. Therefore, no data network such as Wi-Fi or 3G is needed to call those numbers listed in "Favorites".

Store your frequently called contacts in "Favorites" and call them even if no data network is available.

Please note that Wi-Fi or 3G data network is required to make a call using "Dialpad (Keypad)" or to call those numbers listed in "Contacts".

No International Calling Plan

You do not need to subscribe costly international calling plan on iPhone carrier, since innodial dialer for iPhone places local calls to call international destinations - Save your money for something else.

One-Touch Dialing

Save your international contacts in "Favorites" or "Contacts", simply tap a contact to call, and start talking.

innodial dialer for iPhone also provides you to use your existing iPhone Contacts, which saves your time and the effort to create same contacts in innodial dialer for iPhone.

Try innodial dialer for iPhone for Free

Enough said. Download innodial dialer for iPhone and try it for free!

Download innodial dialer for iPhone

innodial dialer is FREE to download.

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