innodial Direct Call

The easiest and most convenient way to make low-cost international calls from your landline or mobile phones.

We give you a unique, direct local number for each international contact that you will directly connect to - No access number, no PIN, and even no destination number to enter.

Dial a Direct Number and you will be directly connected to your international contact directly.

See below how it works

Step 1 - Tell us the phone numbers you are calling from
Add the phone numbers you'll use with innodial so we know it's you when you call.
Step 2 - Tell us who you want to call
Add your friend's name and phone number and we give you a unique direct number for each friend. Create as many contacts as you want and save the information on your phone.
Step 3 - Call from your phone
Use your phone to dial the Direct Number we give you, and you'll get connected directly to your friend.