innodial Access Numbers

Call from any phone, any where, any time with innodial Access numbers

If you wish to call someone, but haven't added their numbers in My Contacts, just dial one of the innodial Access Numbers and follow the voice prompts to call anywhere in the world with the same low rates.

See below how it works

Step 1 - Call from any phone
Find and dial the innodial Access Number in your area from any phone.
Step 2 - Tell us who you want to call
Follow the voice prompts to make a call - enter the phone number you wish to call. You may need to enter your PIN, if you are calling from a phone that is not registered in My Phones.
Step 3 - Start talking!!!
Wait for the connection and enjoy low-cost international calls from any phone, any time, any where.
How to enter the destination phone number
You must enter your friend's phone number in the following format. There is no need to enter international call prefix such as 011 or 001.

     Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number

Ex. USA/Canada:1-408-555-1234
United Kingdom:44-20-7365-6789